How do I register for the Parachute Project?

Registering your interest in joining the Parachute Project is easy: The registration form is here.

Before you rush off, here's some information that you might find useful!

what the registration page looks like

Some information to have on hand when you register

Your Co-Leader's Info:

  • - preferred email address (please be sure to use the same one for all our forms)
    - their main IAM type
    - Country they live in
    - if they have a mentor
  • The date and location of your event

Why do we need your event date?

We use your event date to determine the when best to schedule all four of your calls.


  • The event date is February 25th.
  • Call #1 is January 11th (no later than six weeks before your event)
  • Call #2 is midway between Call #1 and Call #3
  • Call #3 is a day or two before your event
    preferably when you are together in person (and sometimes it doesn't work out that way)!
  • Call #4 is soon after your event as possible, and ideally no later than a week before you go to R3.
Note: Are calls are held Monday-Friday at the discretion of our Co-leaders, so be prepared to be flexible!